Sub Committee

There are 14 sub committees to manage the different functions of the Sangha, members are nominated by executive committee.

1. Sharada Matapa Vedike
2. Sharada Devastana Vedike
3. Sri Sharada Paper Vedike
4. Vidyarthi Vetana Vedike
5. Internal Audit Vedike
6. Education and Trainning Vedike
7. Vadhoo-Vara Mahiti Vedike
8. Building Construction & Maintenance Vedike
9. Art & Culture Vedike
10. Sports & Games Vedike
11. Mahila Vedike
12. Medical Assistance Vedike
13. Membership Development Vedike
14. Yuva Vedike

All Vedikes are doing their best to show good performance of the Sangha and fulfill its over all objectives.